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In the aftermath of the protracted Covid-19 pandemic there will be widespread, legitimate concerns about the health of countries’ economies and finances, concern of pending substantial loss of asset value, wealth, jobs.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is very much the focus of the attention, it may be just a trigger for Global Crises with deep roots in an explosive mix of increasingly confrontational politics, bubble based finance, unbalanced economics and poor governance, similar to the beginning of the 20th century.

Not all countries will be affected equally.

Major economies with generous Fiscal Stimulus programs will experience a relatively brief consumer lead recovery. Economies with strong infrastructure investment programs and innovative models will experience a more extensive period of economic revival, new business, new jobs.

The rest of the world economies , are expected struggle for some considerable time, longer time periods for weaker and highly indebted local and regional economies.

Their only hope for a faster recovery would be a world wide agreement on a Global Reset, a considerable challenge due to the confrontational political landscape.

In the absence such agreement , the Recovery is likely to lose momentum and Political, Economic, Financial Global Crises and Market Changes are expected to follow and lead to substantial loss of investment value, loss of wealth and jobs.

The global economic, financial and political crises will continue for some time until a new world balance will be reached, a new politic, economic and financial Consensus and Reset.

The Global Crises and Market Changes will affect many. Among them, many private owners of assets and their finance backers are expected to experience large losses.

Jobs will be lost.

National and Local Governments that will be expected to produce miracle investments to reset economies and boost jobs at times of scarce finance will come under enormous pressure to deliver results.

Before, throughout and in the aftermath of the expected Crises, the BAAI Group will help its Clients, Investment Club members and Associates mitigate the Risk of massive loss of Value to existing Assets, wealth, help Reset and Prosper with private and private-public Infrastructure Investments in Changing Markets.

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